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Solid Color Apple iPad Cover Case with Capacitive Pen


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I really like this iPad cover. Took me a couple tries to get what I wanted. Bought a Finte case on Amazon but didn’t care for it ask tvadded too much bulk and the iPad wouldn’t stand. Bligh another one at Staples for twice this price that I also returned for the same issue. This cover is thin, lightweight, and definitely does not add bulk to the iPad. And it is able to stay standing in its edge when I need it too. I also like having the holder for the stylus. Don’t have to keep trying to find a place to clip it to the cover. Excellent cover for the money
This ipad case is just as described. It appears to be very good quality but I've only had it a week so it's a little early to tell. I think it will do exactly what I wanted for protection and convenience. One thing I was a little surprised about is that if you pick up the tablet at the bottom around the home button, the case will separate from the tablet a little. That makes me wonder if it will eventually stretch in that area?
I was pleasantly surprised when this product arrived. I vowed not to buy another online product after my last replacement for my iPad mini chipped within a few weeks of purchase. I planned to purchase an Apple cover for my new iPad but alas they don’t make the complete covers anymore. This cover is well made and though it was a little difficult to put on, once on, it fit perfectly to protect my investment. The cover is bendable and won’t chip and unlike the Apple covers can be wiped clean. Looking forward to a long life with this cover.
Better than what I was using, but would be nice to find a case/cover that puts the iPad at a higher elevated angle. I got this one because my previous one only had the option of 'flat' on the table or standing almost straight up. This one has a slightly elevated angle (and the 'standing straight up' option) but wish it was more elevated. It's only slightly tilted up.
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