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LK-TE9 TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds PK i12 i9s Wireless Earphones with Charging Box Touch Control For iphone all phones

$35.99 USD $49.99 USD

  • iPhone and Android Compatible
  • Connect to other devices:

         Open the charging box,  automatically turn on the earphone after taking it out, then go to the Bluetooth set of mobile phone and select AirPods connection.

    Touch Function:

         When there is an incoming call, click the earphone to answer/hand up the phone, play/pause music, play the next song at 2 consecutive points, play the last song at 3 consewake up the intelligent voice assistant. Long press about 2 seconds will wake up the Siri.

    Check the charging sate:

         When Airpods is in the headphone box, the indicator lights are red and blue, such as single ear charging. if the headset is not in the box, the indicator lights go out.

    Check the amount of the electricity in the headset

         Click on the headphone box switch, and the light flashes 4 times to indicate the remaining 100% electric quantity, 3 times remaining 75%, flash 2 times remaining 50%, and the flash remaining 25%


         When the headset is charged, the indicator light is red and full of electric blue light AirPods, It will automatically charge in the headphone box, full of electric indicating lights

    Airpods Compatible with most bluetooth terminal devices, It's Bluetooth 5.0



    1. It's touch control, not poor button control!

    ​2. Compatible with Siri!(Long press about 2 seconds)!

    1. Have printing on the charging box!
    2. No charging pop-up display. 
    3. The same size as Org!

    6.​The best one in china market for such beautiful price, have logo, thanks!

    1. English Sticker(If you want pictures, please message to me)


    Only one ear is the main ear(right or left). if the left ear is the main ear, when you put the left ear into the charging box, the right ear won't work, but if you don't put the left earphone into the charging box, the right earphone will work normaly. No matter the right earphone put